Biome Balancing Body Masque 550ml


The biome balancing body mask is a distinctive bath which took some time to perfect. All of our soaks have a unique quality to them in terms of textures, colours and active nutrients/superfoods/plant medicine. This chocolatey-smelling brew is for those with normal-dry skin. As you bathe, the shards of organic cacao butter slowly melt and add to the milky look and texture of your nourishing soak.

We have used spore probiotics to keep the active enzymes protected and alive during the transportation and storage processes as well as whilst bathing. Spore-forming probiotic bacteria have received an increasing amount of scientific and commercial attention for their therapeutic qualities. They are soil-based microorganisms that are formed from spores and found in dirt and vegetation. Spore-based (or ground-based) probiotics are naturally-occurring friendly bacteria that have been shown to support health in several ways such as encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria and microorganisms on your skin. The skin is the human body’s largest organ, colonized by a diverse milieu of microorganisms and the cutaneous’ (relating to or affecting the skin) innate and adaptive immune responses can modulate the skin microbiota, but the microbiota also function in educating the immune system. Spore-based strains (e.g. Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus coagulans) are vital to the food chain as they have the intrinsic ability to produce a multitude of enzymes, secretory proteins, antimicrobial compounds, vitamins, and carotenoids. If that wasn’t enough of a barrage of information, we have also added colloidal oatmeal to fend off any skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Colloidal oatmeal binds to your skin and forms a protective barrier. It also helps hold in moisture and ease inflammation.

If that isn’t enough, it cleans your skin, too. People have used it for centuries to ease irritated skin. Finally, we added chamomile oil to soothe and please the airways for a delightful ending to your day. We recommend using this one at night, not showering before bed and then showering in the morning to reveal fresh and nourished, soft skin.