Detoxifying Cutis Cleanse 2.8kg


This one is for those who need some salvation. We try our best to stay pure, but even our creator had her bad days. We’re all born with original sin so let loose and feel safe in the knowledge that come the next day Bertie Body’s green number, the Detoxifying Cutis Cleanse will be there to soothe your soul & soak the pain away.
Although the skin plays an elemental role; most of our detoxing is done via the liver and kidneys, meaning that in order to detox most effectively, the digestive system must be functioning properly. Magnesium is the mineral for the job in this sense. Take a 40 minute bath in this baby and see what happens to your system! Enriched with the enzymatic miracle superfoods and oils of Kelp, Chlorella Powder, Bentonite Clay, Juniper Berry Oil, Helichrysum Oil, Yarrow Extract and Black Pepper Oil, this rich-smelling soak (with essences of the sea, so definitely one for the purists!) leaves you feeling calm & purified.
Topical application of vitamins can provide the skin with benefits that you cannot obtain even by consuming high concentrations orally. Chlorella is loaded with B vitamins, magnesium & zinc, which help calm skin inflammation & promote a healthy glow. Juniper berries also have a specific affinity with elimination of toxins. Its a powerful diuretic meaning it helps the functioning of our kidneys. It supports flushing out excess fluid as well as excess uric acid. This is why these berries have been used for gout, arthritis & kidney stones in herbal medicine. The bitterness of juniper berries are thought to help bile flow and increase digestive enzymes further stimulating the detoxifying & flushing process, as helichrysum oil stimulates blood flow, circulation and combats the redness & puffiness of inflammation for a quick recovery
It’s equally important to notice the significant effects of inhaling the essential oils that are absorbed through the respiratory system as they reach the brain through the olfactory system. Here it affects us on an emotional and spiritual level but also physically, connecting us as a fully functioning sentient being. After this bath you’ll be feeling greened out and alkaline AF.